Tools for Increasing Sales Force Productivity

Industry studies show most leads slip through the cracks and are not followed up:

  • Nine out of ten trade show leads and ad responses are never followed up.  Yet, half of these inquiries come from people who will make a buying decision within the next year.  They will tell you follow up is more than just mailing a brochure.
  • 95% of customers are never surveyed.
  • 99% of deliveries and installations are not followed up.

We turn these findings into an advantage for you by carrying out follow up and ranking of inquiries. 
Your sales team focuses on high value prospects.

Why aren't inquiries followed up?  While it seems obvious they should be, we find that when reasonable people seem to be acting unreasonably, there must be an underlying cause.  We have found two based on time and value.

  • First - There is not enough time.  These events are temporary bursts of activity - They are projects.  In today's right sized economy, your team does not have time to address additional activity without giving up day to day work.  There simply is not enough time.

  • Second - Any single lead is probably low value.  An individual inquiry has a low likelihood of leading to an immediate sale.  As a result, inquiries/leads are pushed aside to make room for more immediately rewarding day to day work.  Inquiries/leads sit there when follow up is most valuable.  And, the longer they sit, the more value they lose.  Finally, they are ignored and forgotten.

Customers will tell you follow up is more than just mailing a brochure.

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